How to Claim Unlocked eXRD

The majority of E-RADIX (eXRD) and RADIX (XRD) tokens are subject to price-based unlocking, as detailed in the Economic White Paper. In order to claim eXRD tokens subject to price-based unlocking, such as those purchased in the Radix Token Sale, you will need to withdraw them from the E-RADIX tokens unlocking smart contract. To make this process easier, you can use the Web 3.0 interface,, where you can connect your Metamask or WalletConnect compatible wallet to see your tokens in the smart contract, how many have been unlocked, and withdraw them by creating a special transaction with the smart contract.

How to Withdraw eXRD

First, visit If you are using a browser extension like Metamask, make sure to use the browser where you have installed the extension. (This includes Copper custody customers using Copper’s special browser extension.)

Click “Connect” to begin connecting to your wallet.

You will be asked to select either MetaMask or WalletConnect. Select the correct one for the wallet where you will receive tokens you withdraw This wallet must be the wallet address that you used to purchase tokens.

Once you have selected which wallet to use, please follow the instructions of your wallet provider in order to connect your wallet. 

When you have connected your wallet, you will see your account address and the current balance of eXRD tokens that are in that wallet (if any). If that address has an eXRD allocation in the unlocking smart contract, you will see your total allocation, along with how much of the allocation is unlocked and how much you are able to withdraw. (Note, a few people may have multiple allocations if they made multiple purchases. Each of these allocations will be shown separately and must be withdrawn separately.)

To withdraw your tokens click the “Withdraw” button, this will create a request to your Metamask or WalletConnect wallet to sign a withdrawal transaction to the smart contract – just as you would when creating any transaction using Metamask or WalletConnect. This transaction will automatically withdraw the full amount of tokens that are currently unlocked of your allocation. 

Please follow the steps in your connected wallet to sign and submit the transaction to Ethereum. 

Please note, you will need a small amount of ETH to pay the Gas fee to withdraw the eXRD. We recommend that you use a tool like to see the current recommended Gas price to use.

When you have withdrawn your tokens and the transaction is confirmed on-chain, the dashboard will be updated to show the percentage you have withdrawn, which should now match the percentage unlocked.

You will be able to withdraw more tokens when an unlocking event has occurred. Please return to and repeat the above steps to withdraw any newly unlocked tokens.

Thank you for your support of Radix. If you have any questions please email

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