Source of funds requirements / AML requirements

In order to validate your source of funds for anti-money laundering purposes, Altcoinomy is required to document, record and corroborate your personal information as well as understand the origins of your contribution. This is inline with the Swiss anti money laundering act, by which Altcoinomy is governed.

Via the Radix Token Sale Portal you will be able to submit your initial source of funds documentation, which will vary in requirement according to how you acquired the tokens you used to purchase your E-RADIX allocation. As a rule of thumb, larger amounts will require a greater level of AML due diligence.

Once you have submitted your initial documentation via the Radix Token Sale Portal, Altcoinomy will review within three business days. If they require more information they will contact you directly via email.

This email will come from [firstName] with in CC. Any information requested via this email is encrypted on the Altcoinomy servers and stored in a compliance process that is annually audited by KPMG.

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