E-RADIX wallet information


E-RADIX is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. The same Ethereum address used to send USDC or ETH to purchase E-RADIX will be the ultimate recipient of the E-RADIX tokens. This address cannot be changed.

E-RADIX tokens purchased now will be locked under the control of a special unlocking smart contract on the Ethereum network. This smart contract will contain the definition of the number of tokens due to each buyer. According to Radix’s price-based unlocking schedule, tokens will be unlocked in the smart contract over time.

Once unlocked, each buyer must request that their own unlocked portion of E-RADIX tokens be withdrawn from the smart contract to the Ethereum address originally used to send the USDC or ETH. This is done via a smart contract call that must be signed by the buyer’s Ethereum address. Radix will provide a webpage frontend where a buyer can connect using MetaMask or WalletConnect in order to easily see their current unlocking status, and request withdrawals.

Once again, this address cannot be changed and so each buyer must ensure that they select a wallet that can reliably receive withdrawn tokens as they unlock over time.

When choosing the wallet that you send your USDC or ETH from, it is therefore critical to carefully choose an Ethereum wallet that meets these criteria:

  1. Can receive any ERC20 token, like E-RADIX
  2. Can be configured to display any custom ERC20 token given the ERC20 contract address – or have built-in support for E-RADIX
  3. Can be connected to our unlocking smart contract webpage for withdrawal, either by MetaMask or WalletConnect
  4. Will remain in your control for an extended period of time as E-RADIX tokens unlock and become available for withdrawal

In particular, exchange wallets almost certainly DO NOT meet these criteria and should not be used. While many personal wallets may work, we cannot take responsibility for lost E-RADIX if it does not meet these criteria.

Here are a few wallet options that are certain to work:

MetaMask – A browser-based wallet with custom ERC20 support and easy smart contract connections

Ledger Hardware Wallet – A hardware wallet with custom ERC20 support and connections via MetaMask

Copper Custody Wallet – A professional custodial wallet solution offering direct E-RADIX support

Argent Wallet – A mobile wallet offering direct E-RADIX support and WalletConnect connections

Regardless of your choice, be sure to back up and carefully guard your passphrase/private keys so that you can retain the ability to request withdrawals and receive E-RADIX tokens now and in the future.

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